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Tales of the Golden Apples

Format: public art program
Location: Almetyevsk, Russia
Dates: 2018 – 2022
Customer: PJSC Tatneft

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«Tales of the Golden Apples» is a five-year public art program. It represents an epic about the history of the oil producing region and its residents, which was illustrated on the walls and streets of the city and united by a single route. Thanks to the efforts of project organisers and participants, Almetyevsk has received more than 30 art objects. The team has particularly chosen the artists from all over the world, including Valencia, Berlin, Kiev and Ryazan.The stories illustrated by the artists were collected in Almetyevsky district or represent fragments of the general cultural and historical heritage of Tatarstan.The project is based on a cultural study dedicated to the traditions, values and aesthetics of the region ethnic groups of this region.

Within 5 years of this public-art program we have hold more than 75 various events: lectures, master classes, guide trainings, excursions, a street theatre, a bicycle fest and a tea party with artists. All these events united more than thousand people.

The project is being implemented on the initiative of Tatneft.
Functional art object «Giant»
Andrey Lublinsky (Saint Petersburg), 2023

The apple of my eye

Joint project of local communities, Nuvo Buro and Samokat.

Format: Series of murals
Place: Vologda, Yaroslavl and Ivanovo, Russia
Dates: 2023
Customer: OOO Smart Retail

Project website:
The apple of my eye – a series of murals about urban identity created by Nuvo Buro and Samokat together with the residents of three Russian cities. The theme of hospitality integrates the image of heartfelt communication that reveals local symbols and images that are important to people and that shape spatial aesthetics through conversations about values.

Artist and illustrator Natasha Pastukhova travels through Russian cities and, together with residents, creates monumental murals, like a craftswoman weaving a canvas from the stories she hears together with a team of folklorists and anthropologists, all while exploring the city.

The project is an analytical study of the context of place and a series of murals that appear in the urban environment. Visually it is a form of contemporary art (public art) that is created together with local residents through participatory practices.