Tales of the Golden Apples

Format: public art program
Location: Almetyevsk, Russia
Dates: 2018 – 2022
Customer: PJSC Tatneft

Visit the project website: almetpublic.art
«Tales of the Golden Apples» is a five-year public art program. It represents an epic about the history of the oil producing region and its residents, which was illustrated on the walls and streets of the city and united by a single route. Thanks to the efforts of project organisers and participants, Almetyevsk has received more than 30 art objects. The team has particularly chosen the artists from all over the world, including Valencia, Berlin, Kiev and Ryazan.The stories illustrated by the artists were collected in Almetyevsky district or represent fragments of the general cultural and historical heritage of Tatarstan.The project is based on a cultural study dedicated to the traditions, values and aesthetics of the region ethnic groups of this region.

Within 5 years of this public-art program we have hold more than 75 various events: lectures, master classes, guide trainings, excursions, a street theatre, a bicycle fest and a tea party with artists. All these events united more than thousand people.

The project is being implemented on the initiative of Tatneft.
Sculpture «Radiolarians»
Sergey Sobolev (Moscow), 2023
Functional art object «Giant»
Andrey Lublinsky (Saint Petersburg), 2023

Industry Garden

Format: public space
Place: Almetyevsk, Russia
Dates: 2021 – 2022
Customer: PJSC Tatneft
«Industry Garden» is a public space on the territory of the local heating station area (APTS No2). It consists of a BMX-park, a walking area and a lounge zone, a botanical area and art objects.

The project concept was based on the research and a survey conducted among region residents. It has become a coworking of a local riders’ community and experts in differents areas (architecture and landscape design, public-art), and civil engineers of skate parks. The heating station area was gradually transformed into a public cultural and sport space.

The project is being implemented on the initiative of Tatneft.
Architizer platform unites more than 335,000 architects from all over the globe, striving to «construct superior cities and a superior world.» An Architizer A+ Awards Special Mention is a testament to the global recognition of the project by the ace architecture and design community. Of the countless entries, less than 5% are honored with the Special Mention award. The Industry Garden project was granted this distinction in 2023 in the Architecture +Urban Transformation category, highlighting its exceptional qualities and innovation.
Industry Garden Manifesto
Industry Garden’s core features are functional and artificial pipes, local botany garden, skatepark and series of public art objects. Public space territory resembles a total installation with its distinctive philosophy and image.

Artistic design of an aircraft industrial enterprise

Format: public art object series
Place: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Dates: 2016 – 2021
Customer: NDA
Artists from Irkutsk, Gdansk and Saint Petersburg participated in the design of a closed industrial enterprise in Saint Petersburg. The Curators of Nuvo Buro Group took into account the specifics of this closed enterprise and considered the wishes of the enterprise professional community. The artistic concept of the project is based on the main aviation notion «flight». The project redefines the factory aesthetics in its avant-garde past and present. Working with this concept, the artists painted the test stand No30, an engine nacelle, a test shaft, and a small building on the enterprise territory.

The project was opened in the format of an audiovisual ceremony. The St. Petersburg University Choir performed in the area in special futuristic costumes; an experimental musician Ladomir Zelinsky and the artistic group of media artists «Tundra» also took part in the opening ceremony. More than 600 employees and guests of the enterprise participated in the event.

The organization and project names are classified on request of the customer.
Test bench murals

Artists: Proembrion (Gdansk), Vasily LST (Irkutsk)
Audiovisual presentation

TV7-117 aircraft engine testing, «Hyperjump» installation by the Tundra artistic group, performance of the St. Petersburg State University choir in futuristic industrial costumes with experimental musician Ladomir Zelinsky
Murals on shafts and small buildings on the enterprise premises

Artist: Roze (Saint Petersburg)